50th Anniversary Celebration

It’s official! We’re celebrating 50 years of leading preservation in Kansas City. Although our core mission remains the same as when we started in 1974 – preserving Kansas City’s unique and irreplaceable heritage – our work has adapted, our strategies have diversified, and our approach has modernized, allowing us to continue to solidify a future […]

2016 Club 1228 Event

On November 11th 2016, we relived the Roaring 20s in Kansas City at Club 1228! Everyone got dolled up and hit the juice joint where the music was hot, the booze was flowing and gambling occured! It was held at the Brass on Baltimore and we announced the “I’m a Preservationist” award winners.

2017 Golf at the Goff Event

On Sunday, September 17th, 2017 we celebrated our exclusive access to the home designed by Bruce Goff, a pioneer in organic architecture. Known as the Nicol House (1964), the home features an octagonal floor plan with a central fire and water feature, as well as a suspended genuine Sputnik satellite. We also played golf croquet […]

2021-22 Preservation Awards Night

The Historic Preservation Awards highlight numerous historic preservation efforts that occurred in the Kansas City area in 2021 – 22. Historic Kansas City feels that the long-term quality and character of a community are related to its willingness to identify, protect, and enhance those historic places that define and differentiate it. That is why we […]