This Country Club Plaza Walking Guide is organized as a series of walking tours and seven short essays, provides entertaining facts and insight on the unique character and features of the Plaza. It includes brief comments on 50 notable items on the Plaza and the vicinity intended to give a richer sense of its historical context and of those who designed and created its art and architecture.

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Many thanks to Jonathan Kemper, whose support and inspiration drove this project forward. Amanda Crawley, past executive director of Historic Kansas City, led a project team advisory committee, whose members included Greg Allen, William Worley, LaDene Morton, Nancy Powell, Samuel Bennett and Jonathan Kemper. The booklet was edited by Steve Paul and designed by Kelly Ludwig. Illustrated map
by Jim Fanning. Thanks to Eric Youngberg and Lauren Manning of Historic Kansas City for their assistance.

Photo credits: Roy Inman (10) and Don Ipock (16), Kelly Ludwig, Steve Paul. Historical photos courtesy of the Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library.