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Our generous community of donors enable Historic Kansas City to continue to advocate for Kansas City, so thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation to support our work.

By saving places that matter to Kansas City, we reconnect people to heritage and revitalize communities.

HKC helps you reimagine, rescue, and revive meaningful places. We save places because they stir us. They’re inspiring examples of Kansas City art and spirit, ingenuity, and craft. They heighten our sense of place and connect us through the generations. They help us remember what’s important in our lives. We save places people will use and enjoy today, adapting vintage places rather than throwing them away, to keep connections to the past and to spare the landfills. We believe that, like hard work and hospitality, revitalization is a real Kansas City value. We save places because restored landmarks are economic drivers. They improve property values, promote tourism, and inject vitality into neighborhoods and business districts. They create and support local jobs. Their distinctiveness attracts the workforce of the future. Perhaps most importantly, we save places because they’re the sites that draw us in and hold us fast. They’re the places among which we live, work, explore, and pass on what we’ve learned. Saving places. It’s our passion and our purpose. Through preserving and understanding our past we explore and advance our unity and better grasp our shared heritage.

Your support of HKC will help secure our greatest assets: our dedicated staff. 

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Historic Kansas City operates on a fiscal year beginning January and ending December 30. As the table below reveals, HKC uses every dollar we earn to carry out our mission in Kansas City. HKC is reviewed annually by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and hosted by the GuideStar Exchange. GuideStar Exchange is an independent, oversight organization that encourages best practices with financial reporting, transparency, and legitimacy for more than 40,000 public charities. HKC provides strict oversight of its budgetary and financial matters through an active Executive Committee and a professional staff that adhere to the highest standards.