HKC in Action.



Now more than ever, we look to our history for courage, comfort, and inspiration. As Kansas City’s community-based preservation organization, Historic Kansas City committed to carrying forward our mission, even in these uncertain times of change.

During this unprecedented time, Historic Kansas City is working daily to navigate our new normal like many of you. We’ve received fewer donations than usual during this time of uncertainty and need your help to continue our mission.

To put it simply, we need you. GIVE TODAY!

All funds raised support our efforts to stay at the forefront of the discussion about Kansas City’s growth and preservation. HKC receives no government funding for our operations, so member dues and contributions are crucial if we are to continue our work protecting Kansas City’s irreplaceable architectural and cultural heritage.

Please help us support preservation in Kansas City by donating today. You can donate any amount, tax deductible, by clicking the button below, or mail a check made out to the Historic Kansas City Foundation. We are located at 234 W. 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105.

We also believe that now, more than ever, it is extremely important that we stay connected to one another and create the best possible outcomes for the city we love.

We thank you for your support, wish you good health and extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of those who are working tirelessly on the front line.



Also, please consider becoming a sustaining member through re-occurring donations.  As a re-occurring donor you are especially valuable and important to Historic Kansas City, Young Preservationist, and KC Modern. This option offers a steady stream of support for us to carry out our mission, saves time and resources, and is convenient for you!  As a re-occurring donor you will also receive a complimentary membership.

Automatic monthly or yearly donations will be charged to your credit card. Member benefits will be assessed based on the aggregate yearly amount of the donation.

Historic Kansas City operates on a fiscal year beginning January and ending December 30. As the table below reveals, HKC uses every dollar we earn to carry out our mission in Kansas City. HKC is reviewed annually by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and hosted by the GuideStar Exchange. GuideStar Exchange is an independent, oversight organization that encourages best practices with financial reporting, transparency and legitimacy for more than 40,000 public charities. HKC provides strict oversight of its budgetary and financial matters through an active Executive Committee and a professional staff that adhere to the highest standards.