Westport Overlay District Public Process

Historic Kansas City and our partners, the Westport Regional Business League, the City, and Multistudio, led the effort to develop the Westport District Master Plan. The top priorities of the Plan included the adoption of a Special Character Overlay District for the commercial corridors of Westport Road and Pennsylvania, which would allow Westport to evolve in a way that is sensitive to the existing context and consistent in character, the creation of local register districts in adjacent residential neighborhoods, and targeted downzoning.

Why Are We Creating an Overlay District?

The City of Kansas City, Missouri adopted the Westport District Master Plan in 2019. One of the recommendations of this plan was to establish a zoning overlay district for properties fronting on Westport Road and Pennsylvania Avenue in the district. This overlay district would create more consistent standards for future development, managing issues like land use, height, setbacks, and facade design.

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