The Main Street Forum of Historic Streetcar Neighborhoods is an alliance of midtown neighborhoods working to coordinate discussion and planning as the streetcar line extension is developed. Leaders use a private Facebook group for neighborhood presidents and their invited guests for discussion of related issues. We also have a public Facebook page that is open to anyone who wants to stay updated on development issues along Main Street. HKC  convened the forum in 2021 to help protect remaining historic resources and to create a “big picture” approach to development along the streetcar line. This group meets quarterly.

The MSFSN group worked together on multiple issues.  Select examples include members of MSFSN worked in support of the Old Hyde Park Historic District Neighborhood regarding the development proposal at Armour and Main Street by MAC Properties regarding issues concerning parking, traffic, and a more strategic approach to how these issues are intersected. The project ultimately stalled.

In addition, members of MSFSN supported the neighborhood’s efforts to help preserve the historic brick apartment building at 200 – 202 W. 36th Street from being painted. Bricks tend to have a reputation of being indestructible. That’s simply not the case. When you paint over a brick building, you’re impacting the breathability of the building by allowing paint to trap and retain moisture.

Other issues include support of the Union Hill Neighborhood for the Historic Designation of 31st and Main Street, support of the Southmoreland Neighborhood for the Historic Designation of 4526 Warwick, and Midtown Traffic and Parking Issues.