“A Night Out with Hemingway Tour” curated by Steve Paul

“Kansas City was a strange and wonderful place,” Ernest Hemingway once wrote but never published.  It was a place where “the food is good, “ where the people spoke “the purest American” and where, frankly, some years later he found it dull.

Everyone knows that Ernest Hemingway spent a fruitful minute in Kansas City. His apprenticeship occurred at The Kansas City Star over 100 years ago on his way to the world war and later fame as a writer.  His Kansas City experience amounted to a concentrated alternative to the college education he never had. And very much of it occurred in the city’s bustling and gritty downtown.

The Hemingway Trolley Tour will start and end at Union Station and take guests on a trip through time to places that Hemingway frequented while he was in Kansas City through the years.  One of the featured trolley stops will include the old Police Station No. 4, which, along with the Southside courthouse, had moved to a two-story flatiron building at 19th and Baltimore. It is now called the Hemingway Building and the new owners will host a trolley stop that allows guests to roam the entire building.  There will also be several other trolley stops related to Hemingway & his time spent in Kansas City.


Steve Paul is an award-winning writer and editor who worked at the Kansas City Star for more than 40 years, including stints as book critic, arts editor, restaurant critic, and—before his retirement in early 2016—editorial page editor. He is the author for the new book Hemingway at Eighteen, which includes a deep look at how Kansas City helped shape the life and work of the towering American writer.

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