Annual Meeting – May 19th


Join Historic Kansas City for our Annual Meeting at the World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial. For event details click

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A Rich History and Culture.


The Historic Kansas City Foundation offers a variety of walking tours featuring Kansas City’s diverse architecture and history. Tours are led by trained volunteers and last 1-1.5 hours, but can also be customizable for longer walking tours or bus tours. It is suggested that you wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. Please call 816-931-8448 to schedule a tour (advance notice of 1 week recommended) or check our calendar for any prearranged dates.


Walking Tours for Individuals and Groups: $10 per person (non-members), $5 per person (members, under 18 and military). $40 minimum. 1-1.5 hours.

Non-Profit Bus Tours: 0-20 people-$100 per hour, 20-40 people-$150 per hour, over 40 people-$200 per hour. Bus arranged and paid for by the booking group.

Corporate Bus Tours: 0-20 people-$150 per hour, 20-40 people-$200 per hour, over 40 people-$250 per hour. Bus arranged and paid for by the booking group.

Kansas City Civic Center


Civic Center

See Kansas City’s Art Deco city hall and county courthouse, built when Harry Truman was county administrative judge. Also, other sites such as the old library, St. Patrick’s Catholic and St. Mary’s Episcopal churches.

Civic center




Founded in the 1830s, the town of Westport was one of the major gateways to the trails west. You will see homes and commercial buildings dating to 1850 and the early days of the unique district.


Northeast/Kansas City Museum

Gracious homes along Gladstone and Benton Boulevards date from 1880-1911. A show place in this neighborhood is the mansion of lumbar baron R.A. Long, now the Kansas City Museum.

KC Museum

18th and Vine


18th and Vine

The history of KC jazz and the Negro Baseball leagues. Including the sites where Charlie Parker and Count Basie played and the Mutual Musicians Foundation, where musicians still gather today.

18th and Vine