Historic Kansas City Response.

Historic Kansas City has and will continue to monitor the Royals Stadium proposal in the Crossroads District.

We have not taken a position on this because the lack of information is disturbing at this point in the process. We assume it is also concerning to voters as well.

HKC is very concerned about the impact this proposal will have on the future of the Crossroads District and the loss of vintage character which has been revitalized by the owners and tenants who have put their time, money, and effort into an area that is now functioning as an attractive urban mixed-use neighborhood.

There is a significant risk of a highly detrimental impact that threatens the larger Crossroads community which contains many historic and vintage structures and environments. There is a question here of significantly out-of-scale development that needs to respect and support the surrounding context that already exists.

HKC greatly admires and supports the work of the Crossroads community over the years in creating an outstanding experience and attraction in a once-neglected part of our city. This effort has been homegrown and with little public support. HKC works with historic neighborhoods to help them preserve the history and character that is important to them. Many historic and vintage structures and environments that could be threatened by the development (and future development that will be attracted to the area), including Film Row, the Walnut Warehouse and Commercial Historic District, and the McGee Automotive District. All worth fighting for.

We will continue to monitor the progress of this proposal and the response from the developers to the neighborhood, as well as the final structure of the Community Benefit Agreement now being negotiated.

[Images by Populus]