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2018 Preservation Award Winners

Historic Kansas City is pleased to announce the winners for the 2018 Historic Preservation Awards.

April 01, 2019

2018 Preservation Awards Nomination Form

Historic Kansas City is accepting nominations for our annual Preservation Awards.  Award categories cover a broad array of preservation issues in order to encourage nominations from a wide range of professionals and disciplines.  Nominations are due Friday, February 15th 2019.  The nomination process is very simple—it will just take a few minutes of your time.   Please fill attached form and send to

January 10, 2019

Plaza Bowl Overlay District – Expansion #3 – Staff Report_11_20_18

The purpose of the third expansion of the Plaza Bowl Overlay District is to establish land use regulations and limit building heights for an area generally along 47th Street.

January 03, 2019

Statement by the President of Historic Kansas City, Jim Wanser.

Today, September 24th may mark the end of the large stately carriage house on the UMKC campus as part of the planned addition to the School of Computing and Engineering. The historic structure is being demolished for an enhanced driveway and loading area.
The Dickey carriage house is in good condition, and is one of the two original buildings of the University of Kansas City (UKC). It was built in 1913 as the power plant, maintenance facility and caretaker’s residence for the Dickey mansion, now named Scofield Hall. Walter Dickey was a prominent Kansas City business man who also owned two historically important newspapers in Kansas City, The Kansas City Journal and the Kansas City Post. The demolition of the building would be a significant loss to UMKC’s history, as well as the history of Kansas City.
HKC posted the scheduled demolition on our social media platforms on August 10th and August 14th, the response has been overwhelming. The news has reached over 54,000 individuals, resulted in 420 comments and been “shared” well over 200 times. As taxed payers, alumni, donors, employees and students, the community is applauded. It has reminded all constituents about the poor track record of preservation by the University of Missouri Kansas City.
Everyone appreciates the importance of UMKC to the City of Kansas City and the region, the need to expand growing educational programs and have great facilities tor student learning. What is not understood is the insensitivity to the history and built environment of the campus.
Many other institutions have experienced significant growth while finding creative and innovative ways to protect their historical buildings and heritage. When you think of great college campuses, great old buildings are an integral part of that experience.
HKC encourages UMKC to think more creatively to address their educational needs while protecting the historic structures of the campus and the history they represent. Growth and preservation are not inconsistent, but require vision, innovation and sound leadership.

September 24, 2018

UMKC Press Release – Carriage House

September 24th will mark the end of the large stately carriage house on the UMKC campus that was built in 1912 by Walter S. Dickey. As the carriage house for what is now known as Scofield Hall, the stone building sits just off Rockhill Road on 51st Street.
The historic structure is being demolished to create an enhanced driveway for a planned addition to the School of Computing and Engineering. The carriage house was part of the 20 acre Dickey estate and served as a garage, power plant and caretaker’s home. The stone was quarried on the site and the architect for the estate was Roger Gilman of Kansas City. Mr. Dickey died in 1931, and William Volker, who was interested in establishing the University of Kansas City (UKC), financed the purchase of the property to be given to the University. The mansion, greenhouse and carriage house were the first buildings operated by the University. In the 85 years of University ownership, the carriage house has been used for classrooms, offices, campus security and maintenance functions.

August 16, 2018

UMKC Carriage House

UMKC planning to demolish historic Carriage House – It’s one of two original buildings that started the UMKC campus

August 16, 2018

Northeast News – Most Endangered List

August 16, 2018