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    Historic Kansas City.

    I’m a Preservationist

    Kansas City boasts some of the country’s most amazing architectural structures. Yet each year, 300 buildings are torn down. History crumbles as each brick falls. With the support of Preservationists across Kansas City, we can work together to protect our city’s built heritage and stop the ongoing demolition of historic resources in our community.

    The term Preservationist is not specific to professionals who are preserving architecturally significant buildings. Preservationists are those who care about sustainability, economic development, urban revitalization and community vitality. They are business owners, neighborhood activists, environmentalists, history buffs and urban dwellers. Historic Kansas City is honored to tell the stories of our featured Preservationists. Join us, and let us tell yours.


    Designer, Eisterhold Associates Inc.

    Winifred works for a local design firm and some of her hobbies include biking, gardening, and bar tending. In 2012 she was recognized as one of the 100 People Who Make Life Better in Kansas City by KC Magazine. She rents a one-of-a-kind home in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, KS that dates to the 1920s. Winifred believes preservation is important because it serves as a record of the past. When we lose that record, we lose the memory of the object’s significance, and lose the ability to accurately and correctly project our efforts to the future and to progress as a society.


    Q: Why do you think preservation is important?


    A: Preservation is actually necessary for progress and forward thinking. It reminds us who we are and where we came from, and where we need to go next.