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    Strategic Partnership Established for Westport!

    Strategic Partnership Established for Westport!

    Location: Westport Kansas City, MO

    Strategic Partnership Established for Westport!

    We are proud to announce that, City Councilwoman Katheryn Shields has established a strategic partnership between Historic Kansas City, the Westport Regional Business League, and the City Planning and Development Department, to lead a collaborative community planning process that will define Westport’s future vision.

    The process we envision will hopefully lay out a framework for change to occur in the future without losing the historic resources and the sense-of-place that makes Westport special. By initiating this collaborative planning process, we hope to have an impact in three major ways.

    • To make sure that the things that we all love about Westport are maintained.
    • To integrate the Westport historic resources survey into planning analysis to inform better planning decisions and policy recommendations for Westport.
    • To provide a clarity of intention for the future of Westport by defining what should be preserved, what future additions should feel like, how and where they should fit, and what’s needed to support Westport.

    We also believe that the debate that goes on now between neighborhoods, property owners, businesses, the preservation community, and developers, every time a new project is proposed for Westport is avoidable.  If we do this right, it will provide greater understanding, some clarity, and forge stronger relationships between all the interests in the Westport area. We believe that it is far better to anticipate problems and opportunities in advance and plan for them, then it is to react to them as they come up.

    This planning effort is paired with a 6-month suspension that will pause major development applications from advancing to a full public hearing, the purpose of which is to establish a non-threatening context for this planning effort to succeed.

    Our thanks again to City Councilwoman Katheryn Shields who helped bring this about! This was a formidable task to pull off given the scope of vested groups and divergence of constituents. Of course, there is much work ahead, but this is a sea change for community-led planning where preservation is central to the issue and at the table.

    See the Westport page for details on our accomplishments.