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    2016 Preservation Awards

    2016 Preservation Awards

    Location: 1330 BALTIMORE AVENUE Kansas City, Missouri 64105

    On Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 Historic Kansas City honored the recipients of the 2016 Preservation Awards. The reception and awards presentation were  held at the Grand Hall at Power & Light, 1330 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO, from 5:30pm-7:30pm. About 250 people attended, including community groups, developers, project architects, project consultants, HKC members and members of the public. As in previous years, the award categories covered a vast array of preservation issues in order to celebrate efforts from a wide range of professions and disciplines. Congratulations to our winners!

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    Best Adaptive Re-Use: Awarded to a project that is an exemplary example of a creative, innovative and appropriate re-use of a historic structure. The current use of the building must differ from its historic use.

    Power & Light Apartments – Excellence Award

    King Louie West (Johnson County Museum)– Excellence Award

    Roaster’s Block – Honors Award

    Gumbel Building (Hampton Inn) – Honors Award

    Boulevard Brewing Visitor Center – Merit Award

    Best Preservation Practices: Awarded to a project that has undergone work in preservation, rehabilitation, restoration or reconstruction per preservation standards.

    Vanderslice Hall (KCAI) ‐ Excellence Award

    Power & Light Grand Hall – Honors Award

    Ernest Brostrom House ‐ Merit Award

    Contemporary Design in a Historic Context: Awarded to a project that displays appropriate and innovative contemporary design in a historic context.

    Norrington Center (Park University) – Excellence Award

    Congress Lofts – Honors Award

    Donutology ‐ Merit Award

    Community Catalyst: Awarded to a project, individual, business or group that has greatly contributed to the reinvestment in or revitalization of a historic neighborhood.

    Waldo Water Tower – Excellence Award

    Paseo YMCA Building / Buck O’Neil Education and Research Center – Honors Award

    Black Archives Building ‐ Merit Award

    Innovation in Preservation: Awarded to a person, group, project or idea that displays innovation in the field of preservation.

    Linwood Property Inc. (Linwood Church & Harold Thomas Center) – Excellence Award

    ALTCAP – Honors Award

    Preservation and Sustainability: Awarded to a building, idea, group, publication, film or other project that goes above and beyond to promote preservation as a green activity.

    Manheim Park Neighborhood (Westside Housing) – Excellence Award

    Richard Nadeau Award: Awarded to an individual or group willing to go the extra mile and be a tireless advocate for preservation. Embodies and embraces the idea that “advocacy is the willingness to annoy people.”

    Parkway Towers – Excellence Award

    Jane Flynn Award: Awarded to an individual or group whose actions have greatly impacted preservation in Kansas City – has fought a preservation battle, worked tirelessly to preserve a structure or neighborhood, or has promoted preservation through planning and public policy.

    Day Log House (Dorothy Day) – Excellence Award

    LEED cemetery (Gloria Lundy) – Honors Award

    George Ehrlich Award: Awarded to a group or individual for an outstanding publication in preservation, history, urban design or a related topic.

    Plaza Walking Guide – Excellence Award