2011 Most Endangered List

2011 Most Endangered List

Location: Downtown Kansas City, MO

Stakeholders: Kansas City Residents and Neighborhoods, Historic Kansas City Foundation

2011 Most Endangered Historic Resources

1. KCMO Closed Schools, KCMO

2. Lane Blueprint Building, 1520 Main, KCMO

3. Knickerbocker Apartments, 501-531 Knickerbocker Place, KCMO

4. The Historic Country Club Plaza and Country Club District, KCMO

5. Wheatley Provident Hospital – 1822-1826 Forest, KCMO

6. Hawthorn Plaza Apartments—3835 Main, KCMO

7. Leona Pouncey Thurman Law Office Building, 1505 E. 18th St., KCMO

8. Donaldson House, KC Art Institute, 4347 Oak, KCMO

9. Disney Building (Laugh-o-Gram), 1127 E 31st Street, KCMO

10. Kansas City, MO Historic Preservation and Long Range Planning Programs

2011 Watch List

1. Colonnade Apartments, KCMO

2. Gumbel Building, 801 Walnut, KCMO

3. Epperson House, UMKC, 5200 Cherry, KCMO

4.  Savoy Hotel and Grill, 219 W 9th, KCMO

5. Acme Cleaning Company Building, 3200 Gillham Road, KCMO (former Luzier Cosmetics, Nelle Peters designed)

6. YMCA, 900 N. 8th Street, Kansas City, KS

7. Marcel Breuer’s Snower House, 6700 Belinder Ave, Mission Hills, KS

8. Ambassador Hotel, 3560 Broadway, KCMO

9. Satchel Paige Residence, 2626 E. 28th Street, KCMO (Santa Fe Historic District) and Buck O’Neil Residence, 3049 E. 32nd St., KCMO

10. Beth Shalom Synagogue, 9400 Wornall Rd, KCMO

11. Historic Churches, KCMO

12. Santa Fe Historic District

13. 18th and Vine Historic District

*Lists are not in a specific order