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    A Rich History and Culture.

    Historic Sites

    Grinter Place Museum

    Step back to the days of frontier life at this beautiful farmstead overlooking the historic Delaware Crossing on the… read more

    Harris-Kearney House

    The Westport Historical Society (WHS) was established in 1950 to promote and foster public interest in and preserve the… read more

    Harry S Truman Library and Museum

    National Library and Museum featuring information about the People’s President, Harry S Truman. Visit the museums official website here.

    Harry S Truman National Historic

    President Harry S Truman took America from its traditional isolationism into the age of international involvement. Despite his power,… read more

    Jesse James Home / Museum

    Of all the worlds’ legendary characters, few have attracted world-wide fascination like the outlaw, Jesse James. Visit the museums… read more

    Kansas City Fire Museum

    The K.C. Fire Historical Society’s mission is to preserve and relate the history and artifacts of the Kansas City… read more

    Kansas City Museum

    The Kansas City Museum is Kansas City’s first, and most important, museum of local and regional history. Visit the… read more