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Heritage Hikes

Winner of The Pitch’s 2004 Best of Kansas City: Best Way to Learn Something New About Kansas City

Heritage Hikes highlight the architecture and history of each neighborhood. “Hikers” receive brochures which contain maps of the neighborhood with dialogue for each significant site noting the address, date built, architect(s) and the building’s description. Your guide is Lucinda Rice-Petrie, a HKC Past President and a current member of the Board of Directors. She holds a Master of Arts degree in American history, a BS in Education and a Life Certificate to teach in the State of Missouri from the University of Missouri. Lucinda serves as the liaison to Missouri Preservation. Dust off your walking shoes and join us as we return to yester year and learn about Kansas City’s Heritage through the city’s historic built environment.

All hikes are rain or shine! Each Heritage Hike from start to completion is around 3 miles hiked.  DRESS ACCORDING TO WEATHER CONDITIONS! For fees and scheduling, please visit our calendar.  Or, for more information email Lucinda Rice-Petrie at lrpmudg@aol.com.

A Heritage Hike series includes three (3) Heritage Hikes. The cost for the entire series is $60.00 per person.  If a hiker prefers to enroll in one (1) Heritage Hike the cost is $25.00 per person.  Should a hiker prefer to pay by check, make check payable to Historic Kansas City and mail to 234 West 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105.

Series 2: Kansas City’s First Communities

#1 Heritage Hike: The Town of Kansas

June 1st, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00

Class convenes at the foot of the Pedestrian Bridge on the banks of the Missouri River, where Main Street begins. No limit to number of participants

Return to the River Front….The Town of Kansas

A hike of Kansas City’s Old Town District, originally established as Chez les Canses by Francois Chouteau as a fur trading post in 1826.  Men had traversed the area before Lewis and Clark’s Voyage of Discovery, due to exploration and the fur trade.  The Missouri River is responsible for the growth of this settlement which became the Town of Kansas T in 1850.  We will discuss significant architecture and the area’s history as we hike.

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#2 Heritage Hike: The Village of Westport…The Gateway West

June 8th, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00

Class convenes in front of the Westport Presbyterian Church located at 201 Westport Road.  No limit to number of participants.

The Village of West Port …The Gateway West

By 1836 the village had a population of 50 and its fame grew as the settlement served as the last place to obtain supplies for immigrants heading west on the Oregon, Santa Fe or California trails. By 1860 the settlement had a population of 5,000 with a record 500 wagons leaving one day in the spring.  Walk the streets, view the architecture and learn about the true Gateway to the West.

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#3 Heritage Hike: Quality Hill…Kansas City’s Silk Stocking Ridge

June 15th, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00

Class convenes in the parking lot of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral at Broadway & 13th streets.  No limit to number of participants.

The Coates House Hotel Kansas City, MO

Quality Hill…Kansas City’s Silk Stocking Ridge

The area rests on the highest elevation in Kansas City.  At the extreme northwest point is the location where Lewis and Clark camped on September 16, 1806. The neighborhood reached its zenith during the 1880s real estate boom.  Leading citizens were attracted to the area where mansions were built.  Its location offered scenic views of the Missouri and Kansas rivers with easy access to the developing business district to the east.

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