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Westport District Master Plan

We are happy to announce that the City Council has approved the Westport District Master Plan. Top priorities of the Plan include: the adoption of a Special Character Overlay District for the commercial corridors of Westport Road and Pennsylvania, which would allow Westport to evolve in a way that is sensitive to the existing context and consistent in character, the creation of local register districts in adjacent residential neighborhoods, and targeted downzoning.

HKC was part of a collaborative planning effort with the Westport Regional Business League and the City of Kansas City to develop a Plan for Westport. HKC’s involvement has had an impact in three major ways: 1) Making sure that the things that we all love about Westport are maintained; 2) Integrated the historic resources survey into planning analysis to inform better planning decisions for Westport, and 3) a clear vision was established for Westport by defining character areas and where change is acceptable.

How did we get here? For three years, HKC undertook a strategic effort working with area partners who were concerned about the pace and scale of development that will change the face of historic Westport. To inform planning decisions, HKC undertook a GoFundMe campaign and retained Rosin Preservation to complete a survey of Westport’s cultural resources. We worked with Councilwoman Shields to secure the adoption of a 6-month development suspension ordinance, establishing a non-threatening context for community planning. And for the past 18 months, HKC was part of a collaborative planning effort with the Westport Regional Business League and the City Planning & Development Department to develop the Plan for Westport.

HKC is committed to working with area partners to seek the adoption of a Special Character Overlay District ordinance and other implementation items.

June 13, 2019

2019 Most Endangered Nominations Form

Historic Kansas City has used its annual list of Most Endangered Buildings to spotlight important examples of architectural and cultural heritage that were at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.

Do you know of a threatened historic place? If so, nominate it for the 2019 list of the Most Endangered. Nominations will be accepted until Monday, July 8, 2019.

Inclusion on the Most Endangered list has proven beneficial for Kansas City’s historic places. For some properties, nomination to the list is a last chance for survival.

A “Most Endangered” designation:
• Focuses media and public attention on the plight of threatened historic places
• Spurs positive action and generates public support
• Creates opportunities for preservation solutions

What is an endangered property?
• A threatened historic place important to the community
• An irreplaceable local landmark fallen into disrepair
• An architecturally significant building or structure that’s been abandoned
• A historic district or building type threatened by poor planning or public policy

If you know of a historic resource that fits these descriptions, do something!

Nominate the property for inclusion on the Most Endangered list and make the effort to preserve it heard around Kansas City. The nomination process is simple, see attached.

Nominations will be accepted until Monday, July 8, 2019.

June 06, 2019

2021 Vendor and Craftsman Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits

It benefits to partner with Historic Kansas City!

Historic Kansas City (HKC) is in a unique position to encourage forward-thinking about historic preservation and its importance in the life of our community while highlighting outstanding projects undertaken by companies like yours – companies that are an integral part of the preservation community. Whether it is to provide opportunities to reach a high-quality audience or to support economic growth or to protect tangible history, we know our events and outreach initiatives provide an atmosphere that is unmatched in their ability to bring together like-minded companies and individuals who have an interest in making historic preservation economically viable. As the design and construction industry continues to evolve and grow, relationships are increasingly important.

HKC’s annual sponsorship program is specifically focused on supporting the development of strategic connections between our members, followers, and sponsors.

FIVE reasons why YOU should be a sponsor:

Give more and get more every month! As an HKC Annual Sponsor, your firm will gain multiple exclusive opportunities to reach HKC members, followers, firms, and allied professionals while demonstrating your commitment to promoting a high-quality built environment.

Exposure: Each year, HKC promotes outreach initiatives and networking events which offer unique opportunities to highlight your business directly to the local preservation community and to other participating industry leaders.

Positioning: Support the program areas that matter most to your business while positioning your company as a leader and trusted information source. These are excellent opportunities to differentiate your firm from your competition by aligning your business mission and goals with ours.

Relationship-Building: Use this opportunity to build long-term relationships that count. Develop the key relationships needed for your company/firm to maximize its potential in an ever-more competitive industry.

Deductible Business Expense: HKC is a 501-c- 3 organization. All or part of your sponsorship may be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for state or federal tax purposes. Consult with your tax advisor.

HKC’s annual sponsorship program offers a range of sponsorship opportunities to give you direct marketing and visibility benefits for 12-months.

For more information click HERE.

January 18, 2019

Development Plans – 604 W. 47th St.

The Plaza’s historic nature is immediately threatened by the demolition of the 7th Church of Christ Scientist at the corner of 47th and Pennsylvania to be replaced with a 12-story, mixed-use project by Legacy Development.

January 17, 2019

Young Preservationist Board Member Application

Over the past year, The Young Preservationist, KC (YP) has undergone several significant changes, and
we are writing today to share the exciting future we have in front of us for this organization. After
months of talking to other successful young boards in the Kansas City area the YP has decided on a
mission statement. The Young Preservationist organization will focus on raising awareness of
preservation activities in the community by supporting the parent organization Historic Kansas City;
while simultaneously offering a chance to meet new people, talk about the history of the built
environment in Kansas City, network and enjoy social events.

The main activities of the YP organization are the following:
• Bar Series (Quarterly Educational history lesson of historic bar in KC)
• Party Planning (Help parent organization HKC with annual social event)
• YP chosen annual advocacy issue (Guidance from HKC)
• Outreach for expanding YP membership

The YP Board will meet every other month in 2019, each meeting will be about 2 hours in duration. There
may also be some follow-up questions/discussions by email. The YP board will consist of approximately
6-8 people all under the age of 40 years old.

Historic Kansas City, as the parent organization, is looking to provide meaningful engagement and
leadership skills to the Young Preservationist Board members. We hope you consider joining the arsenal
of highly motivated volunteer talent that join young non-profit boards in Kansas City every day. Whether
you’re brand new to YP, or have been a member for a few years, we would like for you to consider
applying for a board role in the Young Preservationist. See attached forms. Please feel free to reach
out to us at if you have any additional questions. Also, check us out on our
Facebook page at

January 14, 2019

Plaza Bowl Sample Letter

Support a “protection” zoning overlay for the 47th Street corridor on the Plaza!! 

How you can help. Send a letter of support to See example.

Over the years, the historic fabric of the Plaza has been slowly disappearing. It is under immediate threat due to “bottom line” driven development decisions that irresponsibly compromise the character of the Plaza by ignoring established city policy.

A majority of the Plaza area remains unprotected! An immediate implementation measure of the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan in 2016 was to codify the recommendations of the “Bowl Concept” as an ordinance, rather than as a guideline. In 2016, a portion of the “Bowl Concept” was implemented through a zoning amendment that includes part of the “base of the bowl”, essentially what Highwoods/Taubman owns. It caps the height in this area at 45 feet and restricts unwanted uses. A second expansion of the “Bowl Concept” was adopted along Main Street in 2018, with varied height/use restrictions.


January 10, 2019

2018 Preservation Awards Nomination Form

Historic Kansas City is accepting nominations for our annual Preservation Awards.  Award categories cover a broad array of preservation issues in order to encourage nominations from a wide range of professionals and disciplines.  Nominations are due Friday, February 15th 2019.  The nomination process is very simple—it will just take a few minutes of your time.   Please fill attached form and send to

January 10, 2019