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Heritage Hikes

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Historic Kansas City offers Heritage Hikes that highlight the architecture and history of Kansas City neighborhoods. Tours last 3 hours and are offered seasonally. (Tours are typically on Tuesdays for interior access to some of the buildings.)  All hikes are rain or shine! For fees and scheduling, please visit our calendar. Or, for more information email Lucinda Rice-Petrie at lrpmudg@aol.com.

A Heritage Hike series includes three (3) Heritage Hikes. The cost for the entire series is $60.00 per person.  If a hiker prefers to enroll in one (1) Heritage Hike the cost is $25.00 per person.  Should a hiker prefer to pay by check, make check payable to Historic Kansas City and mail to 234 West 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105.

Series 1: Kansas City’s First Neighborhoods

#1 Heritage Hike: Scarritt Point Historic District

May 11th, 2017 @ 9:00am – Price $25.00


The Scarritt Point North Historic District is located on the high bluffs, overlooking the East Bottoms area and the Missouri River to the North, about : two miles East of downtown Kansas City.  This area features broad boulevards, large shade trees, wide concrete sidewalks with inlaid tile street names, and many original red granite street crossings.  The Scarritt Point North Historic District is composed primarily of residences constructed between 1886 and 1915 when work on the new Park and Boulevard system in Kansas City drew affluent families from older neighborhoods to Scarritt Point.

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#2 Heritage Hike: Central Hyde Park

May 18th, 2017 @ 9:00am – Price $25.00


Hyde Park is a well-preserved,turn-of-the-century neighborhood characterized by large residences built in a variety of architectural styles which reflect the work of many leading local architects. The design, detail and methods of construction are of high quality and represent some of the best residential design in Kansas City at the time of construction. The neighborhood was developed by and for some of the city’s most prominent citizens. The structures in Hyde Park are residential, primarily single family and are executed in a wide variety of styles: Colonial Revival, Shingle style, Queen Anne, Victorian Romanesque, Prairie, School Style, Bungalow and the Kansas City Vernacular “Shirtwaist” style house.  The park and neighborhood have survived with very few changes in their original appearance making the Hyde Park one of the best preserved examples of early 20th century residential design and planning in Kansas City.

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#3 Heritage Hike: Where the Freight District and Film Row meet…The Crossroads

May 25, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00


In the 1930’s, Hollywood had a strong connection to Kansas City; when the movie industry needed more centralized distribution points to ship their features nationwide, Hollywood chose Kansas City as one of its largest and Film Row was born. The industrial enclave occupied nearly twenty buildings in a four square block area of the Crossroads District near downtown. Film Row included major studio tenants such as MGM, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount and United Artists.

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Series 2: Kansas City’s First Communities

#1 Heritage Hike: The Town of Kansas

June 1st, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00


The Town of Kansas lies at the heart of the Westward expansion movement that occurred in the years following the Louisiana Purchase and the initial exploration, by Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery, of this grand addition to the United States of America.  Town of Kansas became a memorable place for those travelling through in the year 1821. People and goods were transferred from water to land transport here.

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#2 Heritage Hike: The Village of Westport…The Gateway West

June 8th, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00


The four historic trails of the National Trail system (California, Lewis & Clark, Oregon and Santa Fe) were all located in Kansas City. Which made it an ideal location for outfitting the early pioneers before they made the journey west with every thing they would need: foodstuffs, wagons, animals and other provisions. Westport became rather prosperous by outfitting, which in turn drew people to the area. Eventually the two towns of Kansas and Westport grew into Kansas City.

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#3 Heritage Hike: Quality Hill…Kansas City’s Silk Stocking Ridge

June 15th, 2017 @  9:00am – Price $25.00


The Coates House Hotel Kansas City, MO

The Quality Hill Neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri is a surviving section of one of the most fashionable and prestigious residential neighborhoods in Kansas City during the third quarter of the Nineteenth Century. It reflects an area which was developed by distinguished 0wners, and residents originally from the East — New York, New England, and Pennsylvania, who played a major role in the early settlement.  The Neighborhood represents a variety of Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century residential, ecclesiastical, and small commercial design architecture from the period spanning the years 1856-1929.

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